Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thoughts on a Thursday

I should be getting ready for work, but instead I'm blogging. I know you can tell where my priorities lie. I am so exhausted. But that is not new, however I do feel like once this week is over I am going to crash and burn for a few days, between packing my room, field trips, projects, crazy kids, confused coworkers, rain, the Alley theatre, a depleting savings account and the fear of being unemployed for longer than a few months I am completely spent.

My quick thursday morning thoughts for today include the following:

1. Why do I feel so sad?

2. Just because you're good at something does that mean you have to do it?

3. Is it wrong of me to be the complete opposite of the rest of the world and NOT want to make money out of one of my hobbies? (I don't want the thing I love to be my work)

4. I expected life to be getting better, that doesn't really seem to be happening

5. Simplifying requires a lot more work than just throwing things away....

6. I wish I could be more poetic this morning, but alas, it is time to go to work...again...

Goodbye, God bless


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