Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The "Newness" of Being

Over the last three weeks I have experienced more, attempted more, lived more and laughed more than I have in the last three years combined. Perhaps it is because I have more time on my hands, perhaps it is because I am really giving time to the things I value in life as opposed to just saying I value them and not doing anything to show that.

Part of the simplification process that I started about a month ago asked me to list the five most important things in my life, and to only do things that fit into one of those categories. And about 90% of the time over the last month, I have done just that. (With the exception of house chores, but I don't think I could ever get rid of that part of my life...sigh...)

My priorities went like this:

1. Spend time with Lupe
2. Manage my health (eating right, working out, resting, resting, resting)
3. Spend time with family and friends.
4. Write (work on artistic projects)
5. Strengthen my spiritual life.

And, I think thus far I have done so many of those things that it really is improving my quality of life. I have seen wonderful plays with Lupe, friends and family, I have eaten at great healthy restaurants, I submitted a children's book and an article to be considered for publication, I was a part of the Word Around Poetry Tour, I try to meditate once a day, I took a freaking pole dancing class and I've helped raise money and awareness for the scleroderma foundation. I feel pretty damn good about myself. I only hope I can keep it up, once my bank account requires me to find a job.

At the end of the day we all have things we could improve about ourselves, but I have found, despite what many may inherently believe, that we should be proud of the things we were able to accomplish in a day and not harp on what we didn't or why we didn't. I'm all for trying to be a better person, but my existence cannot revolve around that, I believe that I have many great things to offer and if I just spent all my time worrying about what was wrong or not "perfect" then I wouldn't enjoy the good things I already have and can do well.

I am looking forward to a better year, to better days and hopefully to a healthier future. I am ready and willing to face the challenges that may arise in the process and I know, that no matter how tiring it may be, taking life one day at a time is all I can and want to do right now.

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