Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day One Challenge

So, day one of the challenge came and went. I will say that I was about 90% successful. There were a few times when I checked FB without updating my status but didn't write or do anything before-hand so I feel like that was cheating a little. But for the most part, I forced myself to write down little tidbits of writing thoughts BEFORE updating my status all day. And sometimes, because it hurt my brain to keep thinking creatively so much I just decided not to post or write anything at all, so look at that!

I didn't realize that coming up with one-liners or character names or book/poem/story titles would be so mentally draining. I guess that's why we do FB instead, it's mindless "chatter." Who knew, that the person who DESPISES small talk, would be "small posting." Wow.

OH, and before I forget, something else that I found really rewarding when I couldn't think of anything even remotely creative to write before posting was this: Email, or text a friend/family member that you haven't talked to in a while. Just say hi, and tell them that you're thinking about them. It's about as mindless as FB but it actually means something and makes you and the other person feel good. (The only downside: the person calls you and you have to spend the next half hour updating them about your life. Which hasn't happened yet to me, but I can predict it will)

Ok well, without further adieu, below is the list of random things I came up with while redirecting my FB addiction. (I share this with you trustingly, please don't steal my ideas! But, I guess if you do, you probably wouldn't write the story/poem the same way I would so I guess it doesn't matter. And it's the risk I take when I publish things on the web anyway.)

Well, read on and enjoy! "You can't get anywhere until you take the first step."

Lucia learns to eat a mango.

Diegos dads:
1. Fireman
2. Police Man
3. Famous Super Star
4. Teacher
5. Doctor

Cocunut Water. Agua de Coco
1. Was there a hundred year rain?
2. Do seagulls fill the cocunuts with water every night?
3. Does the rising sun sweeten the water? Or what does?
4. Seagulls saving the water for when the ocean runs dry?

I need to find out the recipe for menudo.

Vanessa's Vestido

Diego Dosent Care
1. Numbers turn into robots
2. Words turn into spiders and snakes
3. Moving fast is slow motion for him
4. Repeat from adults: Diego Doesnt Care
5. When teacher finds his interest he does great.
What will make Diego care? Is he a hero? He teaches the class something.

I could write a memoir about my relationship with my hair. Hmm I like.

Memoirs about medicinal side effects.

The water heals me. It brings me back to life it inspires me to do
more. Be more. Water wants me to be as useful and needed as she is.

Bertolino Bakes A Cake

Bertolino Baila

Zooky Bedazzled

Poem idea: Sex With Marshall Mathers

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