Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Recently

So it's been awhile since I last wrote. Some might say that's either a really good thing because it means I'm keeping busy and nothing drastic has happened, some might think it's a bad thing because I'm so busy and just too damn tired. Well, thankfully it's the former.

Work has been great. Easy. Relatively calm. (Aside from the pressure I put on myself) And the kids are really great with quirky personalities and a good sense of humor. I've been trying to submit work to get published on a weekly basis so that's been nice. (Even with all the rejection letters). And I'm on a mission to lose some of this prednisone weight. So all in all, pretty good outlook on the future.

Now, on to business:

Went to the doctor today for my quarterly check up and the results are in... (drum roll please)

My skin scores are almost all from 0-1. What is a skin score you may ask? Well the doc pinches your skin in various places (back of hand, forearm, thighs, face, chest etc.) and sees how much skin he can grab. You can get a 0, 1, 2, 3. 0 is GREAT, 3 is the WORST. To give you some perspective, when I first started I was at 23/30ish, After first year with this doc it was down to 18/30, three months ago I was at about 11. Now after all the zeros I heard I venture to say I'm about 5-8. So....Woo hoo!

Secondly, if you've read any of my previous posts you know I had a painful procedure done recently (An EMG) to see if I had any nerve or muscle damage(loss). Although the doc can't say for sure because he hadn't spoken with neurologist yet to confirm, he does believe that although I have muscle involvement I don't have "active muscle inflammation." Which of course is WONDERFUL. What that basically means is that my muscles aren't neccessarily deteriorating like we all once thought. (Maybe I can go for a jog now without feeling terrified)

Lastly, probably the BEST news of all, the doc has lowered my prednisone dosage to 7.5mg. Which means I can probably start to lose some weight, get some sleep at night, and not feel so anxious all the time. I'm hoping to really be off the prednisone by the end of the year, so keep your fingers crossed folks and say a prayer.

And that, my friends is what's been going on. My next appointment is in February, which will be the official one year marker of when the doc said I could ask him again about getting pregnant, so you better believe I will be bringing it up at the next visit. :) If it's a no go, then I'll just have to work harder. And if it's a go...then me and the hubby gotta get to "work!"

And with that thought I bid you good evening. Life is good my friends, and don't let me or anyone else tell you different.

Be still. Be well.


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