Friday, October 15, 2010

The Sound of Pulling Heaven Down

When I learned to let go of the noise and began listening to God I was able to hear sounds. I heard the sounds of birds flying over still waters. I heard the sound of the sun setting on another day. I heard the sound of my own heart asking me to not give up.

Yesterday, two great things happened to me: I RAN, yes, ran a mile for the first time in over four years. When I was first diagnosed, and my body seemed to be deteriorating away by the day, and my joints ached, and my skin thickened, I believed that doing every day things in a normal way would never again be a possibility for me. Yesterday at around 6pm I proved myself wrong. Right before going on my "walk-turned into run" workout, I received the results from all the tests done on me last week. (I had 12 viles of blood drawn/an EKG/a chest x-ray/and a pulmonary function test) I couldn't have been happier with the results. Just to put it all in perspective:
Last year, this time I went to see a lung specialist. At one point in our visit he told me that I might be on my way to having to use an oxygen tank. As you can assume I was not at all pleased. Of course I freaked out and fell into a slight depression as I tried to fathom walking around with a giant green tank attached to my side as I directed a middle school play. It was not the brightest days of my life. Although the doctor eventually concluded that I would not need an oxygen tank (for now) he was concerned about the slight fibrosis building in my lungs and told me to be weary.
Now, a year later almost to the day, the letter I received in the mail yesterday said, and I quote: "Lungs are unremarkable. No sign of fibrosis found in lung tissue." So forgive me as I do this:


I don't know if it's purely coincidental that I was able to run a mile after learning about this news, but truth be told it didn't even really sink in until after I had ran, so who knows. Regardless, I have made incredible strides over the last year and I can only hope to continue to grow. To continue to believe in in myself and in God and to understand that there is a rhyme, a reason, and a sound to everything and for everyone.

Be still, be well.


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