Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wine and Piece of Chocolate

I perhaps was in a not so good place last I wrote. Insomnia will do that to you I suppose. But today I am rejoicing. I am celebrating. I am calm.

I want to rejoice in the fact that I have all my limbs and organs virtually intact. I want to rejoice about the fact that my brain and my body are still whole. I want to rejoice because rejoice is a word that is not used often unless you're at chruch.

I am celebrating the fact that I have tried new things and had fun while doing them. (Using a cheese grater, swing dancing, visiting a new garden, writing a children's poem and many more) I am celebrating the fact that I finally feel successful at life. (I am meditating regulary, my house is clean, I take my meds everyday on time, I feel confident at work) And I am celebrating life.

I am calm because life is too short to be stressed. I am calm because it is what God wants me to be right now.

Everything is as it should be and my day is made complete with a glass of wine and a piece of chocolate.

Be still, and be well.

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