Thursday, June 17, 2010

If I Could Fall Asleep

June is National Scleroderma Awareness Month.....yay....I only wish you could hear the excitement in my voice right now...o doesn't exist... sorry to be cynical...again.. I was excited about that fact..last night...before I tried to fall asleep, and then haven't been able to for the past six hours because of scleroderma.

Yes, I'm sure you will say, but Jasminne, it's the MEDS that cause your insommia. And like a mad angry black woman (which dan would argue that I am) I would bitch slap you and say, "But I wouldn't be on the meds if I didn't have scleroderma in the first place!"

No don't worry, I wouldn't actually bitch slap anyone, don't know that I'd have the energy to. And I love you all too dearly anyway.

Anywho, I haven't slept but maybe four hours over the last week, I think I should be delusional at this point, but somehow I'm not. I'm just more awake than ever. So just for kicks...

If I could sleep I would....
1. Dream about eating all things I can't because of the heart burn
2. Cuddle up to my hubby
3. Steal all the covers
4. Not wake up for like 12 hours
5. Snore just because
6. Feel better when I woke up

Have a blessed day everyone, I'm going to the dark room in my house to stare at a wall and see if sleep decides to catch up with me....(I guess I could work on my memoir, but that would just be pretentious)


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