Sunday, June 13, 2010

I can see clearly now...

The rain is's gonna be a bright, bright and sun shiney day!

First off, I want to thank ALL my FRIENDS who came out to my one year wedding anniversary last night and to all those that couldn't make it but sent their well wishes. I know my last post was about disappointment and anger towards "people" who I could no longer consider friends and that I had my faith in family alone. BUT, thanks to my FRIEND Dan, I know now I was mistaken. He went above and beyond his call of "back up husband" duty to make sure my gift to Lupe was a surprise. So Thanks Dan!

I also wanted to thank CE, JU and JS for being honest about the fact they read my blog! And asking honest questions to really find out how I'm doing and offering to help me with whatever, whenever. So, wow, thanks guys! I now realize that more people read this thing than they may admit to, but I appreciate everyone's continued support and love.

I have some possible life-changing events coming up in my very near future and I now feel confident and happy that I'll have the friends and family there to help guide and support me through the process.

My first year of marriage was trying. Lupe and I experienced a lifetime of events in as little as 12 months and if you don't believe me just read the list below and I think you'll agree.

Our Year in Summation:

1. Married (how wonderful)
2. Lupe starts new job (in summer...stressful)
3. Honeymoon (first out of country fun...we thought)
4. Thunderclap headache- Jasminne hospitalized
5. Simultaneous to thunderclap-house renovations
6. Family drama (won't go into details here)
7. Uncle passes away from TB (very sad times)
8. First trip to Mexico to visit Lupe's extended family (first X-mas away from MY parents)
9. A couple of babies are born (James and Gwen/Alvaro and Michelle/Emily and Bill)
10. Lupe & Jas get told can't have babies now (how sad, but probably for the best)
11. Lupe's Uncle and Cousin pass away (too many funerals... :( )
12. Jenni (my sis) graduates college!
13. Lupe gets fired.
14. Lupe gets new job. (Loves it too!)
15. Celebrate one year anniversary(eat old cake- that was damn good!)

Add a couple of traffic tickets, flat tires, power outtages, loads and loads of laundry and dishes, Lupe's eye stye, over 200 pills taken by me, a pregnancy scare and spending way too much money on dining out and I think we've shared a lifetime of experiences.

Be well and be still!

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