Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello Again

"I will get down on my knees...and I will pray" -Jewel

It's been awhile...I haven't been as consistent with this anymore as I'd like to be. Suppose that could be a good thing though. It means life is calm at the moment, which is always nice. So as usual, in an effort to be brief here is an update.

1. I'm still working out, pretty hardcore actually. (lots of Zumba and jogging!)
2. I'm very cold- which triggers the Raynaud's, which means moving my hands and doing just about anything becomes impossible. (trying to cope with the winter season, never fun)
3. I need new glasses.
4. Two doctor's appointments this week. A)consultation with OBGYN just to "see" B)Rehumy appointment on Fri for quarterly check-up and to officially determine if Lupe and I can start a family any time soon.
5. Work is still great, possibly a new opportunity to come in that department (I'll keep you posted)
6. I am at peace.

And I'm still working on becoming a better cook. I have had some successes and some terrible failures in that arena, but I'm glad that I'm still trying. (Not sure lupe is though...he's my taste tester)

I feel truly blessed these days, and truly believe that only better things lie ahead. Say a prayer for me and KEEP HOPE ALIVE! (I'm feeling silly)

Be still, be well.


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