Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hello & Welcome

Hello everyone, I'm Jasminne. 31/2 years ago I was diagnosed with Scleroderma.(From the Latin: Sclero meaning hard, derma meaning skin= hard skin) A chronic, auto-immune disease that affects, well, pretty much everything. I live with chronic pain in my joints and muscles, I am usually extremely fatigued, I suffer from heart burn, digestion problems, lung issues and skin tightening. There is no definitive cause or cure for Scleroderma. It affects every patient differently and there are a number of treatment options available that allow me to "manage" the symptoms of the disease. However, I am not here to ask for a pity party, I have begun this blog in order to raise awareness about the disease. I hope that by sharing my stories, experiences, and day to day trials, tribulations and triumphs I will be able to educate more people about what this disease is and means. I find it obscene that there is more press for erectile dysfunction than there is for Scleroderma and other terrifying auto-immune disease that effect hundreds of thousands of people. (I in my own little way, am hoping to change that)

With all that said, and in an effort to always be "brief" (hence the blog title) I can only hope, that some who used to know nothing, will now learn a little each day, and be better off because of it. (I will post video poems, poetry, picture poetry, memoir, and daily journal reflections)

Leave me a message, or ask me a question, I'd love to hear from anyone!


  1. i hear ya... and i know many more will listen too


  2. This will reach a lot of people. Keep it up, girl. God will use you in ways you never even dreamed. Keep living out loud and don't stop believing.