Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fully Aware

I may not work mowing lawns, or building things or scrubbing floors, but for me, teaching is physically demanding. Do I sweat at work? No, not really. Do I get my hands dirty? Sometimes...painting things. Do I have to catch my breath to keep going? Not usually, unless I'm climbing stairs.

However, often the simple acts of bending, leaning, twisting or raising an arm to write on the dry erase board physically exhaust me. Working full time and often "over" time has made me fully aware of my body's limitations. I can often feel muscles I didn't even know I had and my joints work like a not so well-oiled machine. It is often painful and exhausting just to think about, but I get on and the kids make me laugh so I can forget about it even if just for a class period. I do what I do for a living because it makes ME feel good, sure it's nice that the kids learn, but I find joy in what I do because if I didn't I can almost guarantee I'd be in a hospital bed by now. (Stress aggravates my condition, so I avoid discomfort and stressful situations as much as possible)

I am thankful most days that it is not worse, but I do hate being aware of what my body can and cannot do at such a young age. I suppose it has helped to appreciate things more, even the long long hard days like today. (TAKS I'm thankful I feel good enough to say that I was able to go to work and have a hard day because one day I may not be able to,(and because it was a hard day)I'm thankful and okay with that too.

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