Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Write to Heal Series

The last two weeks I've taken some time to be by the water and let nature rejuvenate and restore my busy mind. Last Sunday I went to Surfside Beach with my sis and my gorgeous niece Brooklyn. I will admit, I spent more time taking pictures of my niece's first time in the sand and near the ocean than I did relaxing and enjoying the sound of the water. But since those moments happen only once in a lifetime, I'm ok with it. And dammit, if she just isn't the cutest little thing in a swimsuit!!!

Then, on a whim, the hubs and I decided to take a day trip to a nice little bed and breakfast along the coast in the little town of Palacios, TX. This time, I was able to enjoy the water, the sounds, the wind and even a little late night rain and thunder. It was a great time for self-reflection, meditation and even some writing.

So, today I will leave you with a couple of poems based on my last few experiences with nature. The first piece I wrote while in the mountains of Mexico this past Christmas, and the second piece I wrote this weekend while sitting by the water. Read. Share. Enjoy. And take some time to go be with nature even if only in your's more healing than you think.

Atotonilco, December 2015

El sol me cala
My fingertips smell of orange groves and limes
I am surrounded by flowers I cannot name
And I've spent the morning trying to trap a butterfly with my photo lens
But she flies merrily across the barbed wire fence
Into a tree and around the hydrangeas
La mariposa se me escapa
Vermillion roses dance to the music of the wind and cantaloupe colored amapolas soak up the sun
In them I hear the silence i so desperately seek
Que quieres de mi me pregunta la tierra?
The Mexican hills stake their claim and stand motionless amidst the swinging and swaying the spinning and sauntering of blue orchids, fertile cacti, and brawny corn husks.
Los cerros se paran como guardeslpaldas sobre
El magay que se abre listo/Agri dulce/sprawls open ready to burst with the bitter sweet
Every inch of this place soaked with sudor y sangre que no se ve Pero se huele
There is more life in this earth than lives inside me
Me siento vacia
sinking my feet into 100 year old dirt
History tickles my toes and as I
stroke the edge of a petal the ground beneath me
shakes/ y debajo de mis pies
la Tierra tiembla
Military Brat

I wish I knew well
One kind of life
Small town country
City living
Pueblos by the sea
Rancho in the mountainside

I wish I could tell you
About fishermen and piers
The way they cast their nets
And the salt water glistens 'neath
A moonlit sky

I wish I knew the sound of the A train
Rustling past my window
Shaking me to sleep every night
Or the groans of a homeless man
To greet me every morning

I wish I knew more about
Jam making and milking cows
Hanging sheets in the wind or riding a horse into the cerros and
How do ya do and bless your heart and traime tequila y come cana
I wish I knew what the waves sounded like
Before a Katrina came a knocking
I'd like to know the difference between the cry of a pelican
And the gawk of a sparrow.
Between the peaceful silence of the sea and the calm before the storm.

I wish I knew how to take a bus
Or shout for a taxi
Maneuver through crowds
And walk 16 blocks on the daily
Avoid a pick pocket and order my cold cuts from a Jewish deli

I wish I was from some place
I could put my finger on a map
And geographically locate
Where my crazy came from

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