Friday, February 6, 2015

100th Post!

Wow, here it  100th post on this blog! Yay! Go me!

I suppose I should've reached this milestone sooner, considering I've had this blog for...almost 5 years now...but is what happens when you're busy making other plans.

Now, I suppose I should write some epic post enlightening and inspiring all of my readers out there. But the truth is, I'm not feeling very inspirational at the moment.

A pseudo heart attack on the side of the freeway will do that to you. (More about that another worries..all is well...apparently I just needed to breathe)

So, instead...I will share with you 100 random things. A few updates and things I'm excited about in the present. Some quirky things about the past. And maybe a look into the future. Here goes, my 100 random things for my 100th post:

1. I am super excited about reading at the Examined Life Conference: Writing, Humanities, Art & Medicine. 
2. I had an amazing time performing and selling books at the Raw Houston Visionary Showcase
Performing @ Raw Houston
3. I am officially an aunt! My brother had a little girl named Adamaris.
4. I am going to be an aunt for the second time this summer! My sister is pregnant and due in August.
My niece Adamaris
5. All of that makes me very happy and very sad because I want to be pregnant too.
6. My parents are both retired now. CONGRATS Mom and Dad!
7. They are moving to the DR in March so my dad can study medicine and find a cure....*crickets*
8. I submitted my book to be reviewed for the Latino Book Awards. Will learn if I am a finalist in March.
9. I still have too much protein in my urine.
10. I now also have anemia...but I can't eat meat because of the protein...catch 22
11. No one notices my missing fingertip unless I point it out to them...but I am still self conscious about it.
12. After I turned 30 I started getting
13. I have made so many friends through my sclero journey. They inspire me everyday.
14. Having friends with scleroderma is hard because they die.
15. I once wrote a blog post in reference to Bill I kind of regret it.
16. I am a vegeterian now, which means I'm hungry all the time...still learning what to eat.
17. I have changed the title to my second book at least 4 times already.
18. There are very few female spoken word artists that I like...they just don't have good stage presence...there...I said it.
19. I think Lupus sucks worse than Scleroderma.
20. My favorite color is purple- in case you hadn't noticed.
21. My favorite authors are Toni Morrison and Virginia Woolf
22. I still want a Ph.d. I just don't know it what yet.
23. My favorite TV show is Criminal Minds and House
24. I have a doctor for almost every organ in my body. (Rheumatologist, Nephrologist, Dermatologist, Cardiologist, Endocronologist, Nuerologist, Pulmonologist)
25. My left wrist is currently swollen..making it hard to write this post.
Swollen Wrist..ouch 

26. I want to go on another yoga retreat.
27. I have been meaning to make more friends since 2007...still hasn't really happened...I need to make more friends.
28. Taking care of myself is hard, and stressful, and a lot of work.
29. I've learned that telling myself "it could be worse" doesn't really help.
30. I spent a lot of time in the past being angry.
31. Normal weight women who "diet" get on my nerves. Like seriously?! That's your BIGGEST problem?
32. I believe that people respect cancer, because they fear it. They believe they understand its strength. People don't respect diseases like Lupus and Scleroderma...mainly because they don't understand as long as it's not contaigous, they just assume you can go on about your life.
33. When I don't sleep, my husband doesn't's kind of not fair. Sorry Lupe.
My Meds

34. So many people that I know and love say they wish they could take away my pain. But even if they could, the emotional scars would remain. You can't unlive something. The memory remains.
35. My favorite ice cream is pistacio almond....cause it's green.
36. My favorite vitamin is B12--gives you natural energy.
37. I hate prednisone.
38. I have small veins...which means I get poked with needles A LOT.
39. Apparently I owe Memorial Hermann Hospital $14,000....HA!
40. My second book doesn't have an ending yet...that's why I hate working on it.
41. Prayer is talking to God. Meditation is allowing him to talk to you.
42. I was recently interviewed for another blog: Black Girl Latin World was neat!
43. February is Heart Health Awareness month- #GoRedSelfie
44. I miss teaching.
45. I miss acting.
46. I'm trying to learn how to let go...and let God.
47. I hate Mindy.
48. Bubble baths are great.
49. I don't want to want to be a mother's too exhausting and disappointing.
50. I wish I had the money to go to Greece.
51. My hair is longer now than it has ever been...yay for hair care!
52. My dog Whiskey keeps me sane most days when I'm home alone with too much time on my hands. happy as can be
53. I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to Facebook.
54. I miss wine.
55. I miss chocolate...I eat it now and then...and then soon regret it.
56. I miss buffalo wings...mmm..buffalo wings.
57. It hurts to breathe...that sucks.
58. This is a really long post.
59. There is nothing more humbling than losing the use of your hands. Nothing.
60. I wish there was such thing as a boob sling. Not a bra..a sling...something that lifted my boob off my rib cage without having to touch my rib cage. Any pressure on my ribs hurts...a lot.
61. I realize now, that being a homemaker/housewife is nothing to be ashamed of. It takes a lot of work to make a home for your family...I'm sorry I ever felt any disdain for my own mother for staying at home.
62. I am still considering becoming a speech therapist...what better gift than to give someone the power of speech.
63. I hate slam poetry. Like really HATE. IT. (Not spoken word...that's different..competitive slam poetry is horrible)
64. I would give almost anything to be able to sleep lying flat again.
65. I think Lupe is the cutest, sexiest man ever. I don't deserve him.
66. I have great in-laws. The first time I had to stay in the hospital, my mother in law gave me a sponge bath- now that's love.
67. My best friend is getting married in May- I am so happy for her!
68. I finally have a hammock- I just need to hang it up!
69. For awhile, I dreaded performing because the brain fog made me forget things and I was terrified of forgetting poems I'd known for years.
70. I'm pretty sure I suffer from anxiety.
71. Writing this post is the perfect excuse for not working on my book.
72. I started a Novena today...(a 9 day prayer)...let's see what comes of it..peace of mind at least I hope.
73. I collect quotes..literally..I have a quote book I write them down in.
74. Hospitals don't scare me anymore. I find them interesting and quite comical at times.
75. I cringe when I think about how much I've spent on medical bills in the last 7 you know how many vacations I could've gone on!?
Bubble Tea and Teaching
76. Bubble tea is delicious.
77. I love playing Cranium.
78. I am an introvert.
79. For a long time I didn't like my brother.
80. But sometimes, you have to accept the apology you never got.
81. Doctors are people too. They are not infallible, never forget that.
82. The quality of my life is more important than the quantity.
83. I miss simplicity.
84. I haven't been able to wear my wedding ring on the right finger for 5 years...I've been married for...5 years.
85. I really like cupcakes.
86. I lost my original engagement ring in a kareoke bar two months before my was sad...very sad...I still don't like to talk about it.
87. This post is making me sleepy.
88. I love Missy Elliott.
Me and Mom near the beach in DR
89.My favorite band right now is Florence & the Machine
90. I have terrible night vision while driving.
91. I have to constantly remind myself that none of this is my fault.
92. I started this blog during a really stressful time in my life when I couldn't sleep and hated my job.
93. I've yo yoed a lot in the last five years, but I'm glad I've kept up with this.
94. ER doctors are useless.
95. Cellcept is good for everything except indigestion, it makes my GERD really bad
96. I wish I were on a beach somewhere..the water is the only place I feel whole.
97. Yoga saved my life
98. And so did writing.
99. In another life, Lupe and I own a bookstore/comic shop/bakery.
100. All I really want is to have the energy to teach theatre and speech again.


  1. Happy 100th post! Now give me that bubble tea!!!

  2. Come to Houston and I'll treat you! OR....I'll be in Nashville in July (I hope)...I don't know when you're due...but I'll be happy to bring you some! :)

  3. Hi Jasminne
    Your blog is great, making me feel less freakish on a low self-esteem day. I was diagnosed 10 years ago and I don't have babies either (I'll be 40 this year). But I do have wonderful nephews and a niece who are a big consolation. Don't bother with a PhD, mine caused the onset of acute symptom s that nearly killed me! Unless you can get a doctorate in yoga....x

    1. Hi Jane! Thanks for reading and enjoying my blog. I'm glad it is helpful to you. I need to post more often. :) You read my mind, I AM considering getting yoga teacher training now..we'll see if my body is up for it. I hope you are well. Feel free to message me any time you want to chat! hugs!