Sunday, January 4, 2015

Looking Back, Moving Forward

Happy New Year! Time let go of the old and look forward to the new.

2014 wasn't easy but I was blessed. I lost a fingertip but gained a new house. I turned 30 and went back on hard core meds. The rest of the year is kind of a blur to be honest. I spent a lot of time in the hospital. A lot of time in pain. A lot of time recovering from one surgery or another. A lot of time "finding the joy." A lot of time crying and asking why. A lot of time trying to be grateful.

In 2015 the only thing I resolve to do is finish my second book...oh and continue doing the things that make me happy (cooking, yoga, loving my husband). I have no intention of trying to write every day, or drink more water, or lose weight or anything that requires a certain amount of dedication that I just won't be able to commit due to the unpredictability of my life and flare ups.

All I plan to do is take it one page at a time. (My book that is) If I can write more often, I know I can get it done. And I know that now is the time.

Look forward to progress blog posts in the coming months! That's it for now...I'm emotionally drained at the moment and have no more words of wisdom or insight to share. I hope you and yours had a great holiday season...till next time!

Hugs & Chocolate


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  2. Juli, thank you for your recommendation and suggestion. I will look into it, but honestly the year that I was off of chemical meds and tried the all natural thing, was the year I ended up in the hospital with near heart failure. I definitely try to incorporate a combination of natural remedies with medicinal ones, but my body just cannot handle not being on anything, it WILL start to act up and it WILL begin to shut down. I still do yoga, try to eat anti-inflammatory foods, get acupuncture, drink teas and take a handful of vitamins (folic acid, b-12, magnesium, Vitamin D), but my body truly needs the immuno suppressive drugs. Being off of them is what lead to the finger amputation, lung and heart problems. I hope they have worked for you though! I'd give anything to not have to be on these meds for life.